Auto Glass Replacement — How to Replace Car Glass

Auto window replacement can be done by the novice if they takes their time and has some instruction. It doesn’t require any special knowledge or expensive tools to switch car glass, but it does take patience! Here we will talk about replacing a fixed car شیشه جک glass that is bonded to the car body instead of being set into a completely removable frame.

If you are going to replace car glass that’s not occur a frame, then you will basically have to “cut” the old glass out of the car. This process requires a few inexpensive tools that are often not in a common tool collection. You will need a part of piano cord to use as a saw, and a couple of inexpensive suction cup handles to lift out the old glass (if it is still in one piece) and to place the new glass into position without coming in contact with the edges of the glass.

The first step is to remove any molding that circles the window. Molding can be attached in several various ways. It may be attached with some sort of videos, glued on, or may be just pushed onto a top on the car body. This is one place where manufacturing plant service information comes in handy! Some glass is flush-mounted with the exterior surface of the body and does not have any molding to remove. You also may need to remove more than one trim panels inside the car. Before starting to cut out the broken car window, apply recording to the car body right around the window to protect the paint. Next, use an awl to manufacture a hole through the adhesive between the glass and the body. Then push a piece of piano cord through the hole, grab a asst to work the other end of the cord, and use a sawing motion to cut the adhesive right around the window. Once you have completely sawn right around the broken car window, use the suction cup handles to pull the glass out of the car body.

That was the simple part! The next phase is to remove all the old adhesive from the car body, which isn’t difficult but it can be tedious! Some service instructions instruct you to leave a thin layer of the original adhesive on the car and just smooth it out, but if it is an adult vehicle that may not be the best option. Once you have removed all the old adhesive (or smoothed it out), you will need to clean the surfaces thoroughly using massaging alcohol or the cleaner specified by the instructions that sported the new adhesive. Then you will need to prepare the new glass surface and the surface that the new adhesive contacts. Again, follow the instructions for the type of new adhesive you are using. There may be a primer that needs to be applied to the old adhesive, and sometimes a different primer that goes on the glass. Pay attention to any curing times that are specified. Be careful not to touch any of the contact surfaces with your hands, or you could stop the adhesive from wrapping up and bonding properly. After readying both surfaces, apply a bead of adhesive around the edge of the glass as told by the service manual and/or the adhesive instructions. You may be told to make the bead slightly larger in the corner areas.

After the new adhesive has been applied and any recommended curing times have been observed, use the suction cup handles to install the new glass into position. Smoothly press the glass into the adhesive until it is fully seated right around. Do not disturb the automobile for several hours according to the adhesive instructions, and then be careful not to slam the doors and or drive on any excessively rough roads for several days prior to the adhesive has had time to fully bond with both surfaces.

That covers the procedure for auto glass installation. Auto window replacement could be done by a driver that doesn’t have any experience or training of this type, but some jobs are definitely easier than others! If this process doesn’t sound like something you want to tackle yourself, there certainly isn’t shame in taking your car to an auto glass go shopping for a replacement, and most shops may even come to your home or workplace to do it for you.

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