Electrical Socket Choices Are Much Broader

Not so long ago it was not uncommon for the only electrical sockets you would use at home or in an office to be white plastic switched or un-switched sockets. Yet over time the demands at both home and work for things that we need to پریز برق توکار کابینت plug in have changed considerably, indeed in some modern houses we are seeing a trend back to smaller three round pin sockets, which are used purely for lighting and run on a lesser maximum current than the traditional 13 amp ring mains do.

Many modern houses now also have data and voice sockets built in all over the home, even upstairs whereby you can plug in a telephone in a room, even the lavatory! Or you may have built in RJ 45 sockets throughout the house for a wired in computer network although this is becoming less common as many people are moving to wireless. Also there is the need to have networks around the home, particularly in apartments in order to be taken in order to connect satellite and cable devices/networks together.

So as you can see there is now a demand for more electrical sockets than the standard three pin plug sockets, however having a line of three or four white plastic electrical sockets on the wall can look slightly unattractive and you’ll wish to decide on a better looking finish. The good news when it comes to electrical sockets for all of the above applications is that you can then get them in a wide range of finishes, including a popular of our bait, which is finished chrome. Indeed finished chrome sockets rather than looking unattractive on the wall can actually be a real feature.

The fact that they have a metal finish should not worry you, as they are perfectly safe from a power point of view. They look absolutely stunning and are very easy to keep clean with simple wash of a cloth removing any greasy fingerprint marks that might occur. The chrome sockets are also very tough and strong and you will be resistant to the majority of scratches that might potentially occur from the pins of a plug being out of line with the outlet.

Of the many metal finishes that you can purchase electrical sockets in, chrome is certainly one of the best looking finishes and we do not think you will be disappointed if you fit chrome sockets throughout your house as substitutes for white plastic ones.

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