Want to Reduces costs of Your Marketing Process? Use These Top Marketing Automation Software!

Marketing automation is one of the great processes that help businesses not only to automate their repetitive marketing tasks, but they can also help to track and measure the performance of campaigns. Using this tool, you can also boost productivity as well as improve efficiency by decreasing manual actions. If we talk about marketing automation, it primarily refers to a family of software Oxbow Creations which helps to automate, measure and reduces costs of the marketing tasks and workflows in an efficient manner. Whether you are having a big MNC or have just started a new venture, marketing automation is a must for you. Here’s why you should make use of this software: —

Generate Top quality Leads

In a business growth, one of the most important steps is lead generation. By using robust marketing automation solutions, you will get top quality leads. This will give you more descriptive and richer picture of prospective customer behavior. Also, you can drive broader marketing campaigns such as customized emails, trigger-based marketing messages, Twitter/Facebook messages, etc.

Make Informed Decisions with Better Data

Few businesses know how to collect/utilize big data. Marketing automation will give you an ultimate platform for analytics and dashboard systems, collecting/storing data, and closed-loop canceling. Such platforms are also the robust solutions that not only help to measure campaigns but also aid to determine consumer behavior with a limited budget.

Boost Your company Revenue

Investing in marketing automation platform can help you to rationalize the in advance investment if you apply it in a proper way. This will allow you to to increase sales opportunities from top quality leads. You will get good returns on your investments with the automation process.

Reduces costs of Your Sales and Marketing Processes

With the best solutions, you can reduces costs of your sales and marketing process. In Sales and marketing, communication is the key to make the entire process smoother. Through automation, lead getting qualification and taking care of have become easy.

Generate Detailed Reports

This software also helps to monitor and track all the channels in an easy way. Once you get data, you can create topical reports to save them. The report will help you analyze the charts and statistics of different campaigns and determine which campaign is performing well.

Time Saver

If you are facing problems to automate your regular marketing tasks, then using marketing automation software is the best decision for you. It will allow you to not only to automate your marketing tasks but also to save time. Hence, you can do more focus on other marketing strategies. Also, you can also make campaigns for sending scheduled-customized emails to the customers, automate messages for different social media channels, and set-up auto-responders for daily follow-ups.

Give Excellent Customer Experience

The main feature of marketing automation is that you can give a great experience to your customers using this software. When it comes to this technology, it helps to send behaviorally triggered emails without any hassle. Whether you want to search through certain products, sign up emails or abandon items in the basket, this solution can help.

In other words, we can say that marketing automation is a powerful tool that helps entrepreneurs to grow their business. But whatever you require is to find out the right platform just for you.

Top 6 Marketing Automation Software that every Business owner Should Use

Here, we bring to you an extensive list of top marketing automation tools available that you can choose which fits the best just for you.

Hotspot — The best Ever Marketing Automation Software

In the marketing world, one of the well-known names is Hotspot. Using this incoming marketing software, you can easily automate a large number of tasks at a scale. This will also aid to customize highly targeted and sophisticated workflows with a visual publisher. It is also useful to manage complex campaigns or follow-up messages in a simple way using multiple touch-points in the entire customer journey. If you want to automate your mails using drip campaigns, then this is the best software for you. If we talk about the monthly fee, you will find it nominal.

Active Campaign — The ultimate Software for Small businesses

Numerous businesses prefer to use Active Campaign for marketing automation. Being the best visual automation builder, it comes with get and drop functionality on the market in our date. The best part is that anyone can use it easily. No matter, whatever your skill is — you can easily set up both simple as well as complex marketing automation. This software has everything ranging from event tracking to site tracking and automation goals to split actions. Coming to its ongoing, it comes with ecommerce integrations, lead reviewing, and email marketing.

GetResponse — Come Equipped with Best Features

If you are looking for the most affordable and powerful marketing automation solutions, then using GetResponse will be the best solution. This software is great for large organizations and small businesses. This is the best platform to automate marketing processes. Using this tool, you can enjoy a host of benefits such as get proposal from traffic, regaining abandoned carts, and boost sales. Also, you can easily set up an automated customer journey through the use of filtration systems, actions and conditions.

OptinMonster — Perfect for Generating Landing page Leads

If we talk about OptinMonster software, it is quite different as compared to other platforms. This is an ultimate custom buy and lead generation tool that will let you boost sales, minimize cart abandonment and grow your email list. Using this platform, you can easily design website campaigns, pop-ups and high-converting landing pages. Once you sign up, you will get risk-free a fortnight. However, if you are not fully satisfied, then you can get a 100% refund without any question asked.

Salesforce Pardot — Ideal for B2B Marketing

In our date, one of the well known and most reputable CRM solutions is Salesforce. No surprisingly, this software gets the top ranking on the list. It is specially designed for B2B organizations. Some key features include sales integration, email marketing, smart lead generation and smooth lead management. It uses AI power to prepare the best sales strategy and improve marketing efforts. With its topical report, you can easily determine which campaigns will work and what need to be improved. Also, it gives an affordable pricing plan to choose from.

ConvertKit — Enhanced Software for Newbies

For those who are using marketing automation software for the first time, investing in ConvertKit will be the best option. However, it is considered as the best email marketing software; but it has more advanced features. Whether you are selling SaaS, running an e-commerce business or a content site, you can get success using this tool. It gives a free forever want to up to 500 subscribers. But there are no visual automation funnels.

In conclusion, finding the right marketing automation tool for businesses is a very daunting task. Mostly, there is no single platform that is good for everyone’s solution. So, you have to pick the tool according to your distinctive needs. So, what are you thinking? Just select the right platform today and improve your marketing processes dramatically.

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